Week 13 Poem 4

The Basketball Game

Bounce Dribble Bounce

Stumble Thud Stop

Bounce Bounce Take Aim

Into Basket Drop

Rebound dribble Bounce

Jump Reaching Stretch  

DJT_0515Smack Hit Backboard

Thump Weeping Stretch

Ref Calls Foul

Coach Mumble Players Grumble

Skreech Blast Timeout Passed

Week 3

Dear Moana


Why couldn’t you stay away from water Why did you go back the water never knowing why Why can’t you be the perfect daughter now stop going back to the water never really knowing why you’ve been standing by the water long as I can remember never really knowing why Every turn you take every track you   every road leads back where the place you know where you can not go what is wrong with you?

week 12


Student Blogging Have I Got Better


Have I got better in blogging. In my opinion I have got better actually a lot better. The beginning of the year you could say I hated blogging because I did. I hated it because I sucked but now that I have gotten better it has made me like blogging.


Me liking blogging helps me want to make better blogs and when I want to make better blogs. When I make a good blog I get a good grade and good grades make my mom and I happy. I think I have gotten better at writing blogs getting ideas for blogs and my creativity.


Blogging is very fun when you are good at it. Blogging gives you an opportunity to talk and see students blogs from different countries. That is the end


The End

Inspiration Blog

Push yourself again and again

Don’t give an inch

Until the final buzzer sounds

Obstacles don’t have to stop you

If you run into a wall push yourself and

Don’t give up

Go through it and work around it

You can’t win unless you learn to lose

Some people want it to happen

Some people wish it could happen

Others make it happen

D'Angelo Russell

Week 7

Essentials. I have a lot of essentials and I mean a lot. Essentials to me are things I use almost everyday and something I basically could not live without.

Some essentials to me are family my dog friends sports and more. Why I could not live without family because first off my mom made me, but I just talk to my siblings parents and cousins so much and there like a main part of my life and I love them. Why I could not live without my dog is because he is very cute lays with me and is like the funniest dog you will ever meet. I could not live without friends because they are fun and like family. I could not live without sports all I do is play soccer and basketball.

Week 8

Digital foot print. A digital foot print is something that you leave and tracks back to you. So lets say social media, if you post something on instagram or facebook that is something that will go into your digital foot print. A digital foot print is information about a person that exists on the internet.Library WiFi Adam Melancon via Compfight